About Stand Together

Why Poverty?

Poverty in America is a real problem, and it’s worse than you think. Anywhere from 45-55 million people are living below the poverty line in the U.S. today – that’s 15 percent of the country. Put into perspective, those are the populations of California, Oregon and Washington COMBINED not sure if they’ll have a safe place to sleep tonight. That’s one in seven people who might not have heat or running water. And, that’s one of every five children going to school hungry. In the richest country our world has ever known.


Our Approach

Stand Together is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty and believes that individuals and communities across the country are the key to discovering innovative solutions to the root causes. We’re redefining the way that social change happens by identifying and supporting social entrepreneurs and community-based solutions that help people in poverty transform their lives.

It’s hard to know where to go to make a real difference. People may turn to the government or to the business sector for solutions, but neither are fully equipped to fully address the complexities of those who have been left behind. The most effective way to respond to the needs of those longing for transformation is through the social sector, driven entirely by a desire to serve and powered by individuals and communities uniquely qualified to solve the problems they are most familiar with.

We believe that people are capable of extraordinary things, and that the key to solving poverty is helping each person develop a mindset of achievement, discovering their innate capabilities, and applying their aptitudes to create value for others. So, we find social entrepreneurs capable of delivering this transformation. We also provide opportunities for individuals to make a difference by partnering with us.

There is no one size fits all approach here. The paths out of poverty are as unique as the individuals working to get out. But, we believe that everyone has potential to thrive when provided with the right tools to break barriers.


What We Do

Stand Together partners with organizations that revitalize communities and transform lives by empowering the individual.


For Non-Profits


Catalyst Program

Our Catalyst program is a growing network of 100+ high-impact, high-performing organizations who are making a real difference in their communities. Our goal is simple – to help them help more. If you are a social change entrepreneur with community-based solutions to help people in poverty transform their lives that is selected into the program, Stand Together provides management tools and financial resources to help you make more of a difference.

We believe in the specialized and local knowledge of our Catalysts to solve the problems they are most familiar with. Through our proactive partnership approach we address the most pressing challenges and establish conditions for growth, replication and/or scale – whatever makes the most sense for your mission.

Each Catalyst class is a small cohort of 12-16 selected organizations that participate in a six-month program where we go beyond traditional consultative approaches and help apply the business practices of entrepreneurship to your space in the social sector to help rethink the way problems are solved. Core to the success of the program is our business management philosophy – Market-Based Management®(MBM) – developed and successfully implemented by Koch Industries over the last 40 years. Taking an economic approach to decision making, leaders maximize resources for the most long-term impact. And as part of the Seminar Network, we have the support and partnership of hundreds of the most successful business leaders in the country to fuel these efforts.


Venture Philanthropy

What happens when high-impact, innovative nonprofits are paired with the management tools and frameworks that helped create one of the country’s most successful private companies? The answer is increased impact for thriving organizations that are eliminating barriers to help others break the cycle of poverty, improve their lives, and create flourishing communities.

Several investment phases allow us to tailor partnerships and investments to the specific needs, obstacles, and growth potential of each of our partners. Working together, we create engagement strategies that focus on maximizing the long-term value of the outcomes the partner organization delivers.

To read more about our team, visit our leadership and staff page.